Modern living can be the root cause of mental, physical and environmental disease. Over indulgence, toxic thoughts and unresolved stress, commercial farming, poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, mindless eating, medication and the use of stimulants to keep up with the fast pace of life or slow down after a hard day all contribute to stress and toxic overload.

Our bodies are naturally designed to rejuvenate and heal, however when the system is overwhelmed, we experience build up. Any toxins not immediately removed from the body are stored, compromising cellular function and believed to be the driving force behind ageing, degeneration and many chronic diseases. 

Toxins affect every cell in our body and so the signs and symptoms are numerous. In the short term, this may be identified by niggling sub-clinical signs such as headaches, skin breakouts, fatigue or digestive upsets including constipation, bloating and pain. Others may experience mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain or suppressed immunity. 

Over time, a stressed and toxic body can suffer severe conditions including infertility, depression, autoimmune disease, hormone related cancers and heart disease amongst others.

Rather than ignoring your body's signals or worse still, suppressing them with pain killers and medication, choose to prevent disease and avoid premature ageing by periodically taking time out to rejuvenate and nourish.

Benefits of a nourishing retreat may include
     Increased energy levels                                             

     Clear and glowing skin
     Strengthened immune system                                  
     Improved concentration & mental clarity

     Improved digestion & assimilation of nutrients          
     Reduced cravings for sugar & other stimulants

     A detox is not intended for weight loss however it is not unusual to lose body fat