"Thank you Alexis and Karen for the most relaxing, self indulgent, enlightening week in Heaven. Apart from the complete luxury and beautiful setting I so enjoyed meeting all the other girls and learning so much about nutrition and doing yoga (never thought I would write those last few words!)." Suzannah, Sydney

"I really do think I look better. And as you know it's all about the look with me! I definitely look more bright eyed and bushy tailed. So thank you Alexis and Karen for all your incredibly hard work and for the most wonderful holiday." Rachel, London

"It’s detoxing in luxury without deprivation! Great spot for groups of friends or a girls’ week-away. Thank you Alexis and Karen for a perfect week, it was a great balance between fun and information - I feel so relaxed and healthy!" Chris, Sydney

"I had a fabulous week and haven’t stopped telling people about how great I feel. Having lemon and water every morning followed by eggs. Made a red curry the other night and had capsicum soup and rice paper rolls for lunch. Believe it or not but made bliss balls which was a great success, only eating one at a time though. Found a mini-blender and the family now having protein shakes and banana smoothies." Suey, Sydney

"Just reporting, in receipt of my fourth unprompted “you look great” compliment. Could get into this detox lark. And am on my second alcohol-free night of the week - there’s so much more time in the evening it seems if you’re not sedated with white wine!" Elaine, London

“The ultimate ME time where I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.... I didn’t even feel deprived!” Troy, London

"Suzannah and I had a movie night last week and both agreed that our trip had been life-changing no less. Never thought I'd be enjoying quinoa for breakfast, apple cider vinegar before meals, chia in water and psyllium every night! Lots more organic food in the household too : and leafy greens (my kids even ate brussel sprouts tonight !!). Spending considerable amounts of time in healthfood shop browsing the aisles and reading the smallprint: I'm their hottest new customer. Fiona, Sydney

"Fabulous follow-up - very professional, ticked all the boxes and reminded me of things I'd jotted down and thought I'd be able to remember in detail - not!" Millie, Sydney

"I am back home and in a really happy routine of getting up, lemon juice, stretching, breky, then skin brushing before shower. I really liked your message that we can do things to help with detoxing every day, it really stuck with me." Toby, Hong Kong

"Thank you so much for an incredible week.  I enjoyed every minute of it and really feel the benefit of dedicating some time to myself and being surrounded by such wonderful people.  I feel so lucky to be included"  Mary, Saigon 

"Loved my week with you and I'm happy to say I'm still on the regime, juicing greens every morning, eating healthy food and exercising lots and have lost 8lbs :-)" Michelle, Singapore

Too many wonderful/enjoyable things to list in entirety, but here are some....Being in such a beautiful place surrounded by stunning views and lovely people.  Having a week focusing on me, without guilt! Learning lots of new things regarding health and nutrition from both of you.....and my 1:1 with Karen (Thank you for listening and hearing me).  Gourmet raw food...who knew it was such a science?!  Watching the talented Boris show off his science.  The massages (and getting my toe fixed after 36 years!)  Alexis and her kinesiology.....still not sure what you did, but it worked!" Anne, Singapore