"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." Dr Seuss

My mother's group would like to come, but one of us is breastfeeding and another is pregnant. Do they have to stay at home?
Your friends are more than welcome to join you. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding  are not the time to detox so they will not be given supplements. They will be able to enjoy the same nutritious meals, benefit from the daily seminars and cooking demonstrations and appropriate exercise.

I have diabetes, and have been told a detox would be good for me. Is it possible to join nourish&flourish retreat?
Removing toxic foods and helping the body cleanse and rejuvenate is ideal for any condition. However, please contact us via email to discuss your individual case further.

I am on prescription medication, can I still detox?
Please email us via "contact us" page to discuss you individual case further.

My husband wants to come with me but doesn't want to detox. Can he join in?
Your husband is certainly welcome to join you. He does not have to take supplements, however he will benefit from and enjoy the same nutritious and bountiful food as the whole group. There is also a no-alcohol policy that we need him to adhere to for the respect of all the detoxing guests.

Can I bring my children?
It is not advised children undergo detox and so the minimum age is set at 18 years.  The villa is available to families for general holidays during other times of the year, please see www.bansairee.com for details

How often are yoga classes & what level?
Gentle yoga classes are held each morning after having rehydrated with fresh vegetable juice & before breakfast. The level of class will be tailored to your group.

I don't think I can give up chocolate for a week! Can I have the occasional hit?
We offer a gentle detox program that supports the body and minimises detox affects. It also addresses withdrawals and help educate on sugar and other stimulant addictions. We also give you healthy treat recipes that include raw cacao.  They are delicious!!

What can I eat after the detox?
Life between detoxes is covered in one of your evening seminars during which we discuss how to reintroduce the foods you love, in a balanced and healthy way.

How often can I detox?
We recommend a focused week-long detox twice a year. Getting away to a peaceful, relaxing place where everyday chores are taken care of by your villa staff, is part of the experience and benefits of detoxing away from home. We find this rebalances the normal stress and demands of life. 

I have never done yoga before. I'm not sure I like it
All activites are optional however we strongly encourage you to try yoga not only because you might like it! but it offers gentle detoxification benefits, physically strengthening, stretching & is an excellent form of relaxation. A powerful antedote to our busy yet often sedentary lives.