Alexis Smith is a Functional Nutritionist, certified Yoga Alliance instructor and Integral Coach. Whilst working long hours in the heady corporate world of stockbroking in the 80's, Alexis learnt first hand how stress, nutrition and lifestyle choices profoundly effected her energy levels and general health. It was also through nutrition, that she rebuilt her health after a childhood of antibiotics for allergies and digestive issues.

I believe that nourishing our entire being is at the root of true health and happiness. I love helping clients translate their own vision of health into a reality so they can live a life of abundance, vitality and purpose. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others experience the health and happiness that a regular yoga practice and personalised nutrition plan have to offer. 

Originally from Sydney, Alexis has lived and worked in nine countries over four continents with her husband and two chidren. She continues to commute between Hong Kong and her home town.

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